Celebrating Tu B’shvat

By Eve Morin

Tree huggers rejoiced in the recent season as Hillel celebrated Tu B’shvat—or the birthday of the trees—earlier in February. The holiday celebrates one of the four Jewish New Years, and the festivities consist of tree planting, the sharing of different fruits, and often conversations about taking care of our world. The typical weekly Jewcy Sushi learning was replaced for the day, and Rabbi “Rabz” Meir Mittleman spoke instead about the traditions and meaning of the holiday. The learning consisted of the reasons behind the certain fruits that are meant to be eaten on Tu B’shvat, and we all took part in an enlightening conversation about these traditions. The studying would not have been complete without the fruits themselves, and the local kosher supermarket supplied exotic fruits specifically for the holiday season. Those in attendance at Jewcy Sushi shared an abundance of unique and delicious items, such as figs, dates, olives, and star fruit. The joyous occasion and seasonal fruits ensured a positive and entertaining experience for everyone who participated. In the days following Jewcy Sushi, the Hillel office was reaping the benefits of the fruits that did not get shared during the learning session. Rabz helped a few of us experience the unique qualities of rare, exotic fruits none of us had ever seen before. Some were tasty, others not so much, but the experience made this year’s Tu B’shvat one worth remembering. tu b shvat 3 tu bshvat 1 tu bshvat 2 tu bshvat 4

Eve is a sophomore majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education and English. In addition to being a member of Hofstra Hillel she is a part of the Big Brother Big Sister program on campus.


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