Ezra Schwartz

It is a sad reality when we think about the many tragic events taking place everyday in Israel. We can sympathize with the pain the families of loved ones endure after fatal actions. We watch clips from television, and mourn the loss of another Jewish life, taken with no validity, and for pure violent purposes. It is unfortunate these events are hardly recognized by the mainstream media, and by the time they are it is because of the resented response from the public.

Thursday, November 19, 18-year old Ezra Schwartz was a victim of this. According to israelnationalnews.com, an unidentified attacker gunned down Ezra while he delivered food to Israeli soldiers. Various news sources covered the story by that Saturday, but American government officials were silent, only saying it was necessary for “both sides to show restrain.” It wasn’t until the public showed their outrage that President Obama called Ezra’s parents, offering his condolences. And on Monday night, the New England Patriots honored Ezra in a moment of silence before the game.

The frustration we feel when hearing yet another story of a terrorist attack on Israel, there are no words to describe our sorrow with another life lost from these heinous attacks. But what makes it worse? What makes us even more frustrated? The hypocrisy within our government. The idea that an American citizen killed in Israel does not receive any attention until the public speaks out. That Israel is blamed for these attacks, when they just defend themselves. President Obama’s words do not fix the mourning family of Ezra Schwartz. The moment of silence at the Patriot’s game does not stress Israel’s need for help and reform. And although this moment of silence publicized and honored Ezra, they failed to mention the constant Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israel.

I am not saying the moment of silence was not appreciated, or that Obama’s condolences were not sincere. But I am distressed at the thought that the moment of silence or call would not have occurred if it weren’t for the angered voices of supporters. Why is Israel consistently ignored? It just makes us wonder, do Jewish lives matter to the US government?


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